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A Powder Trickler Designed for the Serious Reloader

For those handloaders who've reached the next stage in their handloading hobby, it's clear what elements are needed in a good powder trickler, and Lyman ensured that all the must-have features are included in its Brass Smith Powder Trickler.

Each Lyman Brass Smith Powder Trickler starts with a static-free, die-cast aluminum body, which is easily adjustable for height. The base of the body is machined from steel, adding the weight and stability needed for a good trickler. Each trickler also ships with an aluminum feed tube that can be adjusted to provide a longer reach with an included extension. This special feature allows the trickler to be used with wide-body electronic scales and beam scales.

Other features on the Lyman Brass Smith Powder Trickler include a large knob that allows for increased precision in trickling powder, as well as a large hopper that provides plenty of powder on-hand for users. The trickler is finished with a durable, attractive powder-coat finish.


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