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This week only: AR parts 15% off - SHOP NOW

This week only: AR parts 15% off - SHOP NOW


Tech Tips

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Tech Tip: BRN-180 .350 Legend Feed Ramps
In this Brownells Tech Tip, Caleb dives deep into the innovative design of the feed ramps on the BRN-180 in 350 Legend, showcasing why this setup stands out in the realm of semi-automatic rifles.
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Tech Tip: Installing the Midwest Industries Henry Handguard
Join Caleb from Brownells in this detailed tutorial where he demonstrates how to install the Midwest Industries handguard on a Henry lever action rifle in .360 Buckhammer.
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Tech Tip: Wildcatting for the AR-15 - Part 1
These days you can get an AR-15 in more calibers than just .223 / 5.56. But if none of the commercial chamberings do exactly what you want to do, a wildcat may be the solution.
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Tech Tip: How To Convert an AR-308 Rifle to 6.5 Creedmoor
Looking for better range and bullet velocity from your .308 Winchester rifle? Convert it to 6.5 Creedmoor! Good news: it's an easy conversion. Caleb shows us how.
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Tech Tip: How To Replace an AR-15 Gas Key
The key to a reliable-cycling AR is a proper-fitting gas key on the bolt carrier. What if your rifle has a broken, leaky or worn out key? Here's the RIGHT way to replace it.
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Tech Tip: How To Change a Ruger 10/22 Barrel
Let's change things up with a step-by-step walk through the process of swapping a new barrel onto that old Ruger® rimfire.
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Tech Tip: Corrosive Ammo
In this Tech Tip Brownells gun tech Steve Ostrem explains the drawbacks of corrosive ammunition and its effect on your firearm.

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