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Product Spotlights

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Product Spotlight: The Ultra-Quiet BRN-180SH Upper
If you like shooting with a suppressor, here's a BRN-180 optimized for your needs!
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Brownells Exclusive Match Precision Rifle Scopes
The Brownells MPO line of optics are all made in Japan using high-quality components.
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Brownells Premier Upper Receivers BRN-180
The new Brownells BRN-180® and BRN-180S® Gen2 upper receivers were designed in conjunction with PWS and FM Products to incorporate many improvements AR-15 creator Eugene Stoner made in the AR-18/AR-180 rifles originally introduced in the 1960s.
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Product Spotlight: SOLGW / Geissele 13.7" AR-15 Upper
Brownells Gun Tech™ Keith Ford is joined by special guest Mike Mihalski, founder and owner of Sons of Liberty Gun Works, to give us a run-down on the SOLGW / Geissele 13.7" upper receiver.

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