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Quick Tips

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Quick Tip: Tricks To Apply Cold Blue
Hey, Steve from Brownells here. Today we want to revisit cold bluing, covering some tricks and tips to make the job easier.
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Quick Tip: What's In Caleb's Range Bag?
I'm Caleb from Brownells. In today's video, we're venturing into the contents of my range bag.
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Quick Tip: How To Remove Light Rust From Your Firearm
Hi, I'm Steve with Brownells. Today, I want to share a quick tip about removing light rust from your firearm.
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Quick Tip: Laser Dry-Fire Training Tools
Today, Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb Savant tackles a "dry" subject. At least, it's an interesting one: devices from Mantis X and LaserLyte that help you with your dry-fire practice.
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Quick Tip: How To Choose the Right Shooting Gloves
If you live up in the northern latitudes, like we do at Brownells, sooner or later you're going need to operate a firearm outdoors in the winter.
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Quick Tip: Caleb's Latest BRN-180 Build With Cool Upgrades
Caleb's told us many times he thinks 13.9" is the barrel length for AR-type rifles. See what he did when he got his hands on one of our new 13.9" BRN-180 uppers.
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Quick Tip: Taking First-Time Shooters to the Range
Brownells Gun Techs Caleb Savant and Steve Ostrem talk about a few DO's and DON'Ts of taking a first-time shooter to the range to introduce him or her to the shooting sports.
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Quick Tip: Benefits of Training With a Shot Timer
Let's take a time out while Caleb shows us how to use a shot timer in our training to help us hone critical shooting skills.
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Quick Tip: What's In Steve's Range Bag?
Discover the essentials for a successful day at the shooting range in this informative video from Brownells. Get a detailed look at a typical range bag and learn about the key items that ensure safety, convenience, and efficiency during your shooting sessions.
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Quick Tip: Installing the Midwest Industries Lever Action Stock
Join us in todays Tech Tip where we explore the installation of the Midwest Industries lever action stock, a versatile accessory compatible with a multitude of lever action rifles.
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Quick Tip: BRN4 Field Strip and Lubrication
Join us in this detailed tutorial where Caleb demonstrates how to disassemble, maintain, and reassemble the BRN-4 upper.
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Quick Tip: Scope Base and Ring Torque
Join Steve and Caleb from Brownells in this informative video where they share essential tips on mounting scopes and applying the correct torque.
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Quick Tip: How to Use The Nine-Reloaded Magazine Loader
Join Steve and Caleb from Brownells in this informative video as they review and demonstrate a revolutionary magazine loader from Nine-Reloaded.
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Quick Tip: The Best Way to Remove a Stuck Case
Join Steve and Caleb from Brownells in another Quick Tip where they demonstrate an effective method for removing a stuck case from a reloading die.
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Quick Tip: Basic Rifle Maintenance
In today's Brownells Quick Tip, Caleb is joined by Mike from Sons of Liberty Gunworks to delve into the essentials of basic rifle maintenance.
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Quick Tip: How to Install the JMAC Custom Stock
In today's Quick Tip video, we guide you through the simple yet crucial steps of installing the JMAC Custom folding stock on your firearm.
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Quick Tip: Echo Zulu Castle Nut Staking Kit
Join Caleb from Brownells as he walks you through the Echo Zulu Castle Nut Starter Kit from Tango Uniform.
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Quick Tip: How to Measure Barrel Length
Join Caleb as he walks you through the ATF-approved method for accurately measuring barrel length on firearms. Whether you have an AR-15 or a traditional lever-action, this quick tip video ensures you get it right every time.
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Quick Tip: Making a Compact AR-15 Rifle
You want to build a very compact, lightweight AR, but you don't want to go the SBR or pistol route. Caleb has some tips on how to get there.
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Quick Tip: Using the Frankford Arsenal Hand Priming Tool
A lot of handloaders still prefer the control and "feel" they get from priming cases by hand - and Frankford's tool is a great way to do it.
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Quick Tip: How To Remove a Stuck Gun Screw
Sometimes a gun screw is frozen and just doesn't want to come out. Caleb shows us how to remove it without breaking it or damaging the gun.

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