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Celebrate 85 Years With 15% Off All Brownells Products - SHOP NOW

Celebrate 85 Years With 15% Off All Brownells Products - SHOP NOW


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What Videos Would You Like To See Us Do?
Our new website includes a new place to access our videos. And Steve and Caleb have a favor to ask you!
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Brownells Website Launch
It's been in the works for a long time, and it's finally here, an all-new for the 21st century!
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Product Spotlight: The Ultra-Quiet BRN-180SH Upper
If you like shooting with a suppressor, here's a BRN-180 optimized for your needs!
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How To Build An AR15 Tutorial: Step by Step
Welcome to our video series designed to show you how to build an AR-15 step-by-step. Your host is Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb Savant, who is going to walk you through the installation of each part on the rifle.
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Quick Tip: What's the Best Barrel Length for an AR-15?
How important is barrel length? Many AR-15 fans have been asking that, 'specially since 13.7" barrels have become so popular.
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Smyth Busters: Is It OK to Modify Your Carry Gun?
Steve and Caleb take on a persistent line of thinking that's gone around for years: You shouldn't modify your daily carry gun.

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