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New Products

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New Products: Colt, Daniel Defense & Manson Precision
Paul has a new variant of the Colt Python, THREE new upper receivers from Daniel Defense, and critical tools for converting a rifle to 8.6 Blackout.
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New Products: Brownells BRN-15 Upper Receiver
Paul shows off our new upper assembly that is certainly NOT an ordinary, run-of-the-mill AR-15 upper!
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New Products: CZ, Springfield Armory & St. Croix Tactical
Paul shows us not one but THREE new lightweight, up-to-date, feature-rich bolt action rifles - and an old favorite in some new colors.
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New Products: Brownells Government-Profile AR-15 Barrels
He's not from the government, but he is here to help! Brownells new product team leader Paul Levy shows us the AR-15 Government Barrel Assemblies from "The Mothership of Goodness," Brownells itself.
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New Products: Springfield Armory, Advantage Arms & Brownells
Paul Levy, leader of the Brownells new product acquisition team, gets right down to business with the Springfield Armory Echelon full-size 9mm pistol.
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New Products: St. Croix, Tango Uniform, Midwest, Bell & Carlson
Our favorite new product team leader, Paul Levy, is back to show us some exciting goodies just added to the Brownells lineup.
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New Products: FM Products Mike-102 & TWS AK Optic Mounts
Brownells new product guru Paul Levy has a special treat for Kalashnikov fans and folks who dream of combining the best of both the AR-15 and AK platforms.
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New Products from SIG Sauer, KNS Precision & Brownells
Brownells new product guru Paul Levy kicks off this week's show-and-tell with the SIG Sauer Cross STX bolt action rifle optimized for PRS competition.
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New Products from Bravo Company, Reptilia & True Precision
Genuine innovation in an AR carbine stock, new slides for the SIG P320, muzzle devices for your AR-15, and barrels to tame your Hellcat
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New Products: Colt, Sig Sauer & Edgar Sherman Designs
A limited-edition 1911 pistol by Colt, two full-featured SIGs, a proper Retro AR-15 rifle barrel, and a versatile utility sling.
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New Products: Brownells BRN-4, Geissele, Bravo Company & Lone Wolf
He starts with parts compatible with the HK416 and ends with aftermarket frames for Glock® pistols. Paul Levy is back to give us the scoobies on what's new!

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