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New Products: BRN-16A2

Author Caleb Savant
3 months ago

   Join Paul Levy from Brownells as he introduces the new BRN-16A2, a clone of the classic M16A2 upper receiver loaded with features that enthusiasts and collectors will appreciate. Paul provides a detailed walkthrough of the BRN-16A2, highlighting its design elements that make it a standout product.

Key Features of the BRN-16A2:
-Classic A2 Flash Hider: Same design first used on the M16A2 rifle.
-Non-F Marked Front Sight Base: Ensures proper front sight plane alignment with the rear sight.
-M16/M16A2 Handguards: Covering the heat shield and the M16A2 government profile barrel.
-20-inch Barrel with 1 in 7 Twist: Chrome bore, chambered in 5.56, without M4 feed ramps to maintain the M16A2 standard.
-Forged M16A2 Upper Receiver -Classic A2 Rear Sight: A target-type setup with adjustable elevation and windage.
-Mil-Spec Charging Handle and Bolt Carrier Group: Standard M16 components with phosphate finish and chrome lining.

 Paul provides insights into the design choices and historical significance of each component, making this video a must-watch for anyone interested in building their own M16A2 clone. Whether you're a collector, enthusiast, or just curious about classic firearm designs, this video offers valuable information and a close look at a high-quality reproduction of a legendary firearm.