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This week only - Start your rifle build & get 15% off Rifle Parts - SHOP NOW

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0039-23 Product Spot Light - BRN180SH_Thumb

Product Spotlight: The Ultra-Quiet BRN-180SH Upper

Author Caleb Savant
one year ago
Even Steve can barely suppress his excitement about this one! He and Caleb give us an in-depth look at the Brownells BRN-180SH™ complete upper receiver assembly in .300 Blackout. The "SH" stands for "Ssssshhhhhh!" because this version of our popular, piston-operated BRN-180® upper is optimized for use with a suppressor (aka "silencer"). The first thing you'll notice about the SH is its larger, recontoured charging handle... But first, let's look at what's going on "under the hood."
The BRN-180SH™ has a three-position adjustable gas block. Other BRN-180® models have a two-position gas block that lets you set the gas flow for standard supersonic ammo OR subsonic ammo for suppressed shooting. The BRN-180SH's third position cuts off ALL gas flow to the piston system, so the spent case will not eject and the action will not cycle. Why? This renders the BRN-180SH™ even QUIETER during suppressed fire. This makes it a superb choice for hunters who want to minimize noise to avoid scaring away the game. The easy-to-grasp, ergonomically shaped charging handle helps you manually cycle the action to load a fresh round when you're ready. (It kind of feels like a straight-pull bolt action.) A gun built around this upper will make a heckuva deer-getter or hog harvester!
You don't have to use the BRN-180SH™ upper with a suppressor, and you don't have to cycle it manually. Get it now, enjoy all its other BRN-180® benefits while using it like a regular AR-15 upper, on either a mil-spec lower receiver or one of our dedicated BRN-180® lowers. When you get a suppressor and want to go hunting, you're good to go! The BRN-180® platform is very configurable because its entire operating system resides INSIDE the receiver - no buffer tube needed - meaning it's folding stock / pistol brace friendly.
The BRN-180SH™ .300 Blackout upper currently comes with a 10" barrel and can be used to build an AR pistol or, if you get an NFA tax stamp from the ATF, an SBR (short-barreled rifle).