Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

This measure is a scaled down version of the Premium Culver measure. Many shooters load at the range, and the reduced size and weight of this measure means less to haul. Charge throw range is 6-60 grains - just right for benchrest and medium sized cartridges (17 Rem - 308 Win). The 11-800 incorporates the same needle bearings on both sides of the Culver type metering system as the larger Premium uses, and is just as smooth. This measure uses the smaller 250 ml. (8 oz.) powder bottles. Great choice if you don't load larger cartridges.

Each Harrell measure is built with a quality CNC machined aluminum body and an extremely accurate “Culver Style” brass metering system. All of the measures throw with the same accuracy and repeatability, and can be dialed back to the desired charge on the click metering system at any time. Each Harrell measure comes with a clamp style mounting system, one appropriate sized powder bottle with a bottom plug and two 4" drop tubes, one 3⁄16" and one ¼" ID (Schuentzen has a shorter drop tube). There are no finer custom powder measures on the market.

Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:081
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