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Built as the Ultimate Reloading Tool

Pouring powder into reloaded cases sounds like a simple task, but veteran reloaders know that there are a number of variables and details that must be perfect in order to produce the best possible reloaded case. The Area 419 Master Funnel Kit is designed to provide this capability to precision handloaders.

The Area 419 Master Funnel Kit is machined from billet aluminum and provides users with a number of custom heads, each corresponding to a specific caliber. The heads attach to the funnel via a direct-thread system and are sized a smidge larger than the neck of the case, ensuring that they lock tightly onto the mouth of the cartridge. As long as the head of the funnel is secured tightly to the case, no powder flecks can ever get stuck between the case and the head, thanks to this unique design.

  • Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Safe for use with black powder
  • Caliber heads are color-coded for organization

Another added benefit of the Area 419 Master Funnel Kit is the machined flutes located on the inside of the funnel, which work to provide extra space for the powder kernels, ensuring that they don't bunch up at the neck.

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