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Large-Capacity Melting Furnace With Built-In Temperature Control & Readout

The RCBS Easy-Melt™ is an economical, reliable lead furnace for reloaders who prefer to go "Old School" and use a ladle to dispense molten alloy when casting lead bullets. "Economical" doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice durability or capacity - the deep pot on the Easy-Melt™ holds up to 25 lbs. of lead - enough to cast hundreds of bullets.

The RCBS Easy-Melt™ is fitted with a programmable temperature control and precise digital readout that gives you accurate readings - no need for a separate thermometer! All of this helps ensure your molten lead stays at the right temp for smooth flow, with less risk of voids in the finish bullets.

  • Sturdy all-metal construction
  • Models in 120-volt AC (U.S.) and 240-volt AC (EU/UK/AUS)

The hinged cover on the RCBS Easy-Melt™ prevents foreign objects getting into the pot, while providing a place to keep your bullet molds warm.

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