Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Scope That'll Help You Realize Your Target Rifle's Full Potential - from Brownells!

The Brownells 5-25x56mm Match Precision Optic® gives you the critical functions found on a high-end target rifle scope - without the high-end price. We wanted to incorporate many recent innovations in optics, while pricing it ideally for Production Class in the fast paced Precision Rifle competitions. The MPO has fully multi-coated, edge-blackened Japanese glass for superb image clarity. The turrets offer tactile and audible clicks and are easy to reset to zero. Elevation turret features a zero stop and allows .5 mils of travel below the zero stop, to give you plenty of flexibility.

The N-OMR® System (Non-Obscuring Milling Reticle® System) has an open center main crosshair that allows you to hold on your target without covering it. An added bonus is the thin double line increase visibility of the crosshair at low magnification. This type of reticle is excellent for shooting disciplines requiring fast shots under a time constraint, or when fast follow up shots are needed.

The top portion of the N-OMR® System is intentionally left open so the shooter can spot his/her own shots (or misses). To make things easier, the N-OMR® System is available within the popular ballistic app Strelok, available for download on most all mobile devices.

  •  34mm Main Tube
  • Reticle and Turrets in MRAD for quick and easy adjustments
  • First Focal Plane Illuminated N-OMR® System
  • Fully multicoated lenses for fog and waterproof performance
  • Capped Windage turret prevent accidental adjustment

The Brownells 5-25x56mm MPO is the perfect optic for the long-range competitor whose budget is not unlimited, or somebody who wants to get started in the sport.

As with all products we sell, this scope is fully backed by our Forever Guarantee.


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Battery: CR-2032

Click Value: 0.1 MRAD

Eye Relief: 3.70"

Finish: Black

Focal Plane: First

Illumination: Yes, ...

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