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Outfit Your H&K Rifle with a Fast-Firing Trigger

One of the latest models of the Franklin Armory BSFIII Binary Trigger is purpose-built for owners of Heckler & Koch HK91, HK93 and MP5 variants and clones; enabling these firearm enthusiasts to send rounds downrange faster than ever before. It also fits HK SP5K housings.

Each Franklin Armory BSFIII Binary Trigger features an easy, simple mechanism that fires one round for the pull and one round for the release, providing two fired rounds with the same motion usually associated with a single fired round. This enables users to excel in tactical and competition arenas with these rifles, allowing for tight groups of multiple rounds.

  • 4.5-pound trigger pull
  • Curved trigger design
  • Includes ambidextrous selector
  • Unavailable in CA, DC, ND, NJ, NY or WA

The Franklin Armory BSFIII Binary Trigger comes with a three-position selector: safe, semi-automatic and binary, and offers the fastest semi-automatic operation available on the market today.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:162


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