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A Binary Firing System for Your Bushmaster ACR

Designed as the fastest possible semi-automatic trigger on the market, the Franklin Armory BFSIII Trigger is unique in that it allows shooters to fire one round on the pull of the trigger and one round on the release of the trigger. Thanks to this arrangement, competitive shooters and plinkers are able to get faster split times than ever before, ensuring that they can get multiple rounds on target with speed and ease. Now, the trigger unit works for the Bushmaster ACR.

The way the Franklin Armory BFSIII Trigger works is through a third selector-switch position. The first position, like on all drop-in trigger units, is "Safe." The second position allows for true semi-automatic fire, with one shot fired for every pull-and-release motion, like any standard semi-auto trigger. However, the third selector position is where rifle owners can get two shots from the same motion that traditionally fires a single shot in any semi-automatic platform, firing on both the pull and the release of a trigger.

Each Franklin Armory BFSIII Trigger is fitted with an ambidextrous safety selector, and the trigger may need additional fitting on some rifle receivers. The system also features a built-in safety, which allows users to cancel a release shot by simply holding the trigger to the rear while moving the selector switch to "Safe."

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:167


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