Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Refined, Consistent, Reliable Triggers That Don't Cost a Fortune! Available ONLY at Brownells

Geissele and Brownells have teamed up to offer two unique triggers that give you the best performance at the best price! As one of the oldest and largest distributors of Geissele products, we had the unique opportunity to sit down with them to spec out two AR-15 triggers that wring out every bit of the performance Geissele is famous for. We also wanted to deliver them at a price point that won't make Geissele fans wait until a Black Friday sale to upgrade their current trigger!

We found ways to reduce production costs on things that don't sacrifice the legendary Geissele trigger performance. So these triggers are not laser-engraved (which you can't see anyway when they're in the gun), and they're batch-tested rather than individually inspected. Rest assured, if for ANY reason you’re not satisfied with your Brownells-exclusive Geissele trigger, it's still Guaranteed. Forever.® Simply return it to us for refund or exchange if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Remember: you can't get these triggers anywhere else. They are available EXCLUSIVELY from Brownells!

B-G2S-E (Brownells / Geissele 2-Stage Enhanced)
The B-G2S-E Enhanced Trigger has a two-stage pull that provides superior control and helps accuracy while maintaining the robustness and reliability Geissele triggers are famous for. The B-G2S-E has a smooth, light 1st stage take up of 2.3 lbs. and a crisp, candy-cane-like 2nd stage break at 1.2 lbs. The B-G2S-E is ideal for use in precision Squad Designated Marksman type rifles where accuracy and reliability are both critical.

B-GRF (Brownells / Geissele Rapid Fire)
The B-GRF Geissele Rapid Fire Trigger was developed to give semiautomatic-only rifles a glass-smooth trigger pull very similar to the Super Select Fire (SSF) trigger Geissele designed for the U.S. Special Operations community. The B-GRF is a fast-shooting trigger with a short, quick reset that's ideal for 3 Gun competition and recreational shooting. It has a single-stage pull but resets like a two-stage. Two trigger springs are included so the B-GRF can be set up with a 3.2 lb. or 4 lb. pull. Does NOT convert semiautomatic rifles to automatic.

Note: The B-GRF trigger has a very short, light pull and reset. It is not recommended for benchrest shooting or shooting that requires small groups. It is designed for CQB-style rapid target engagement and quick follow-up shots.

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SPECS: Steel, black finish.  Fits semi automatic AR-15/M16 receivers with .154" diameter hammer and trigger pin holes.  May be installed on AR-style .308 rifles that accept AR-15 triggers.  Kit includes trigger and hammer assemblies, springs, hammer pin, tube of grease and installation instructions. Black spring is for 3.2lb pull.Gold and Silver colored are for 4lb pull.

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Style: Drop-In, Factory Replacement, Match Grade

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Style: Drop-In, Factory Replacement, Match Grade