Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The LaChassis 10/22 is the next evolution of 10/22™ compatible chassis from Grey Birch Solutions. The end goal in building LaChassis 10/22 has always been a lightweight, modular, adjustable, and secure base to firmly house the barreled action in place from two locations. Everything builds off a firm foundation.

The LaChassis 10/22 is a modular chassis system built around the 10/22® platform. LaChassis 10/22 is packed with features to enhance the shooting experience with configurations ranging from short range race gun to long range precision.

One of the key features of the LaChassis 10/22 is its rear tension point, adding a second location to hold your barreled action in place for precise shooting.

 LaChassis 10/22 Features:

  • Magwell Cutout for Easy Magazine Changes
  • AR Grip Compatible Mounting Point
  • Standard Picatinny Stock Mount (Compatible with all most Picatinny Mounted Stocks)
  • Modular 10" Forend
  • Forend M-Lok and Arca-Swiss Compatible
  • Ambi QD Points on Forend & Stock
  • Folding Stock (Stock can be Locked in the Fixed Position)
  • Length of Pull and Cheek Weld Adjustment
  • Can be used for left- or right-hand receivers


  • Weight:  688 grams
  • Length Of Pull:  13" - 14.5"
  • Overall Length:  25 - 26.5"
  • Overall Length Folded: 16"
  • Material: 6061 T6 AL
  • Finish: Clear Hard Anodize     
  • Rail Length: 10"

Tools Required:

  • 5/64 Allen Key
  • 3/32 Allen Key
  • 1/8 Allen Key
  • 5/32 Allen Key

**  LaChassis 10/22 can be permanently locked into a fixed (non-folding) position.

*** Compatible with most 10/22® pattern receivers and trigger groups without modification.

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Action Type: Semi-Auto

Color: Grey

Material: Aluminum

Style: Chassis