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The Easy Way To Get a Folding Stock on Your Czech Vz. 58

Magpul’s innovative, ergonomically enhanced Zhukov-S folding stock has taken the AK world by storm - but what about shooters of the Czech Vz. 58? Relax: RS Regulate has come to the rescue with their VZSA stock adapter that allows you to install a Yugo Zhukov-S folder on your Vz. 58.

When installed, the VZSA puts the stock in-line with the VZ.58’s bore, giving you better control of the rifle and reduced felt recoil, without that irritating “cheek thump.” When the Zhukov-S is folded, it will not interfere with the safety, charging handle, or ejection port.

  • Lightweight yet strong aluminum construction
  • Won’t impair rifle function
  • Aids in recoil control
  • Minor fitting may be required
  • Fits Magpul Zhukov-S YUGO stock ONLY

The RS Regulate crew designed the VZSA primarily for use on Vz.58s fitted with an optic, though it will allow emergency use of the iron sights.

Brownells GunTech™ Note: The VZSA Vz.58 stock adapter will not work with the standard AK Zhukov-S stock - you must use the Yugo version of the stock.


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Color: Black

Style: Adapter