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Glowing, Fiber Optic Dots For Faster Sight Pickup

Have the most popular sights on-hand for quick repairs and installations to get your customers back to shooting quickly! Handy kit contains red, fiber optic front sights in seven different heights and both narrow and medium base widths, plus two sights with red fiber optic rods for mounting directly on the barrel. Also included are two rear dovetail sights and two sets of six inch long, fiber optic rods for replacement and repair. Aluminum, rear sights with eye-grabbing, green, fiber optic dots really stand out in low light. They fit 3⁄8" dovetails and feature screw adjustment for elevation. Kit saves you approximately 50% over buying single beads. A perfect, money-saving kit for your shop.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:284
SPECS: Front Sights: Blued steel body. Red fiber optic rods. Seven (7).250" (6.3mm) and (7) .340" (8.6mm) wide sights to fit narrow and medium front sight bases (14 total). Heights: .260", .290", .312", .343", .375", .406", and .450". Two (2).531" (13.5mm) sights to fit directly in a dovetail on the barrel. Heights: .538" and .570". Rear Sights: Aluminum, black matte. Green fiber optic rod. 2½" (6.35cm) long. Replacement Rods: 6" (15.2cm) long. Two (2) 0.060" (1.4mm) diameter orange rods, two (2) 0.040" (1mm) diameter yellow rods.
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Color: Multi

Style: Fiber Optic