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An AR-15 Buffer That Prevents Overgassing and Suppressor Blowback

Anyone who's ever shot an AR equipped with a suppressor knows about blowback, and AR-15s equipped with carbine-length gas systems are also overgassed, which can beat up internal components and lead to more wear.

To solve both of these issues, Liberty Suppressors developed its stainless-steel, 4-ounce AR-15 buffer, which is purpose-built for use on suppressed AR-15 or ARs equipped with carbine-length gas systems.

The Liberty Suppressors 4-ounce AR-15 buffer splits the difference between a heavy H1 buffer and the standard H2 buffer. At this weight, the buffer dampens recoil by slowing down the bolt-carrier group, and it can also enhance reliability by adding mass behind the bolt carrier as it travels forward.

Each buffer features five faceted cuts around the perimeter of the carrier, allowing for air flow, as well as decreasing the chance for the retaining pin to shear off.


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