Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Left-Handed? Right-Handed? Both? This Lower Is For You!

The LWRCI Ambidextrous AR-15 Lower Receiver is the result of a collaboration between Brownells and LWRCI to offer AR shooters a rare, truly ambidextrous lower receiver. "Truly" ambidextrous because it has a bolt release, magazine release, and safety selector on BOTH sides of the receiver. Finally, there’s equality for left-handed shooters! And for right-handed shooters who want to develop proficiency with their "weak" side.

The LWRCI Ambidextrous AR-15 Lower Receiver comes fully assembled and ready to match up with the upper receiver of your choice.

  • Comes with LWRCI Adjustable Compact Stock with enhanced cheekweld on both sides, of course
  • Integral sling swivel sockets
  • Magpul MOE+ pistol grip for extra comfort & control
  • Forged to mil-spec dimensions, with a mil-spec buffer tube
  • Fully ambidextrous controls - did we mention that?

The LWRCI Ambidextrous AR-15 Lower Receiver takes the versatility of the AR platform to the proverbial "new level" by making it comfortable and fully accessible for any shooter.


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