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Convenient Bulk Kit With The Parts You Need To Keep AR-15s Running

Designed for the armorer or gunsmith who services a lot of ARs! This extensive kit includes the key small components for both the upper and lower receiver to keep your customers’, department’s, or agency’s AR-15s ready for action. Also great for doing multiple builds as well as for replacing parts that have been damaged in use or been lost during installation. Handy insurance to make sure you always have a replacement part when you need one.

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SPECS: Kit includes: 5 each - hammer, hammer spring, trigger, trigger spring, triggerguard, triggerguard roll pin, disconnector, disconnector spring, safety selector, magazine latch, magazine release button, magazine release spring, bolt catch, bolt catch plunger, bolt catch spring, bolt catch roll pin, front and rear takedown pins, extractor, ejector, ejector spring, grip screw, and washer. 10 each - trigger and hammer pin, buffer retainer, buffer retainer spring, cam pin, firing pin retaining pin, extractor spring, extractor buffer, and black extractor O-ring. 20 each - takedown pin spring and detent. 30 each - bolt gas rings.


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