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A Complete Lower Parts Kit and Drop-In Trigger Unit\

Why pay for components you won't use on your next AR-15 build? That's the position of CMC Triggers, and that's why they paired their AR-15 Lower Parts Kit with one of the company's Single-Stage Drop-In 3.5-pound AR-15 triggers.

Unlike standard AR-15 lower parts kits, the CMC Triggers option doesn't include a mil-spec trigger, hammer or the springs needed for either one. That way, those who are looking to add a CMC Trigger to their build won't have to buy a complete lower parts kit with pieces they won't use. Buyers can choose between curved or flat trigger bows. All that's needed now to finish your lower receiver is to add the grip of your choice!

NOTE: grip NOT included.

  • Kit Includes:
  • 1.Bolt Catch
  • 2.Bolt Catch Plunger
  • 3.Bolt Catch Spring
  • 4.Bolt Catch Roll Pin
  • 5.Mag Release
  • 6.Mag Release Button
  • 7.Mag Release Spring
  • 8.Buffer Retainer Spring
  • 9.Safety
  • 10. Buffer Retainer
  • 11.Safety Detent Spring
  • 12.Safety Detent
  • 13.Trigger Guard
  • 14.Trigger Guard Roll Pin
  • 15.Takedown Detent Springs
  • 16.Takedown Detents
  • 17.Takedown Pins
  • All parts meet or exceed MIL SPEC
  • 100% CMC Triggers Product Warranty


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