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Necessary Internal Components To Repair / Build / Rebuild a Custom Rifle

The Geissele AR-15 Lower Parts Kit contains all 17 parts necessary to get your lower receiver operational - minus the trigger and pistol grip. Geissele is renowned for superbly designed, meticulously manufactured products, and these parts meet their high standards. Items in the AR-15 Lower Parts Kit are manufactured to "mil-spec" (M16 / M4) dimensions to ensure optimum fit and function in your AR rifle or carbine.

The Geissele AR-15 Lower Parts Kit includes:

  • Bolt catch
  • Bolt catch plunger / spring / roll pin
  • Mag release
  • Mag release button
  • Mag release spring
  • Buffer retainer spring
  • Safety
  • Buffer retainer
  • Safety detent & spring
  • Triggerguard & roll pin
  • Takedown detents & springs
  • Pivot / takedown pins

The fire control system - trigger, hammer, disconnector (and pins) - may be the most "personal" part of any custom AR-15. Along with the pistol grip, it’s the area most customizers and custom builders prefer to select very carefully. As a result Geissele omits both components from this AR-15 Lower Parts Kit so you don’t have to spend money on parts you won’t use!

Big Book Catalog, Issue:71, Page:043
Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:048
Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:053
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