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Only the Parts You Need To Finish a Stripped Lower - None of Those You Don t Need!

The LLRPK-BLDR Lower Receiver Parts Builder Kit from Luth-AR is ideal for anybody assembling an AR-15 who needs all the small bits-n-pieces to complete a stripped lower, but who wants to customize the performance-critical components. You supply the trigger/fire control components, pistol grip, buttstock/buffer system, and triggerguard of your choice. Luth-AR’s Builder Kit covers everything else. No need to purchase all these commodity parts separately, only to sit down on a weekend to do your project...and find out your missing one or more small bits!

The complete contents of the LLRPK-BLDR lower receiver parts kit are:

  • Buffer Retainer & Buffer Retainer Spring
  • Safety selector lever + detent
  • Selector/Ejector spring
  • Bolt Catch + spring, plunger & roll pin
  • Magazine catch
  • Magazine release button (aluminum)
  • Front pivot pin
  • Rear takedown pin
  • 2x Takedown/pivot pin detents
  • 2x Detent springs
  • 2x hammer/trigger pins
  • Mag Catch/Buttstock Plunger Spring 1-ea.

All of these Luth-AR LLRPK-BLDR Builder Kit parts are standard AR-15 parts designed to fit a "mil-spec" lower receiver. Almost all currently available lowers are dimensioned to accept these parts, so compatibility should not be a problem. If you’ve assembled an AR-15 before, you should have no trouble installing these components.

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