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A Mechanism That Locks Your AR Mag Into Place

If you're living in a state that infringes on your Second Amendment rights through restrictive gun-ownership laws, that doesn't mean you need to give up your favorite tactical rifle with all those custom features. The Mean Arms MA-Lock is designed to fix magazines into place on today's mil-spec AR-15 and AR .308 rifles, allowing owners to comply with state and local laws while keeping ownership of their guns.

The Mean Arms MA-Lock replaces the magazine release and corresponding spring. Once a 10-round magazine is inserted, simply install the bushing into the magazine-release receiver hole and then tighten the hex-shaped head until it shears off. This will leave the magazine permanently fixed into the magazine well.

In conjunction with this feature, Mean Arms also offers its MA-Loader, which allows owners of fixed-magazine rifles to quickly and easily load 10 rounds into the magazine through the ejection port of their rifle. The loader works with all mil-spec AR upper receivers.

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