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Ready-To-Fit Brakes Enhance Recoil Control

Multi-port brake softens felt recoil and reduces muzzle rise. A single expansion chamber and 42 total ports, 21 on each side, angled 7° forward, provide maximum recoil control. Gunsmithing required. Comes with a .220" (nominal) diameter exit hole that must be opened up to .020" larger than bullet diameter. Can be enlarged to allow bullets up to .44 caliber. Rear exterior of comp can be machined to conform to barrel.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:173

SPECS: 4140 steel, chrome moly (CM), in the white or 416 stainless steel (SS), satin finish. 2-5⁄8" (6.6cm) long. Outside diameter; #01 - .560" (14.2mm)


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Finish: Silver

Material: Chrome Moly

Threads: 7/16-28

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Finish: Stainless Steel

Threads: 7/16-28