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A Genuine HK 416 Gas Block You Need for Your Perfect Build

Anyone who's tried to build the perfect HK 416 clone or even make anything close to it knows how hard it is to get all the right components. If you're even thinking about putting one together someday or you just want to take your MR556 to the next level, you'll need to plan ahead and start getting your components together. This genuine HK 416 gas block is one of the missing pieces to your puzzle, so you'll want to snag one now before you can't get them anymore.

Unlike the gas block found on the H&K MR556, this genuine HK 416 gas block features the ambidextrous sling-point attachments found on the real deal, as well as the bayonet lug milled into the gas block on real HK 416 rifles. As an added safety and reliability bonus, these gas blocks also feature a correctly milled gas-relief hole.

This low-profile HK 416 gas block is designed for use with 10-inch barrels and will fit .750-inch gas-block journals.


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Inside Diameter: .750

Material: Steel

Style: Low Profile