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Lightweight, Versatile & Easy To Install Rail Systems Maximize Accessory Mounting Options

The Daniel Defense Omega Rail system is the most exciting rail system to hit the market in years! The Omega Rail is a free float rail system that allows the individual operator to easily install it with the provided Allen Wrench and requires ZERO modification to the weapon! The Omega Rail features an integral QD sling swivel mount, with rotation limiter, and an uninterrupted upper rail platform. This light weight rail system is meticulously CNC machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminum and is Military Specification Type III Hard Coat Anodized. All the Omega Rail fasteners are military specification.

The Omega Rail 7.0 is designed to work with carbine-length AR-15 gas systems and its exceptionally light weight makes it perfect for short rifles where size and weight are crucial performance attributes.


NOTE: The 100-004-496 is an Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP with cutout for the Front Sight Post (FSP) of a Carbine length gas system, and requires the Daniel Defense Omega X/Modular Float Rail Barrel Nut Wrench for installation, which Brownells doesn't carry.

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Color: Black

Length: 7

Material: Aluminum

Style: Picatinny

Type: Free Float

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