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Rugged, Drop-In Replacement For M4-Style Factory Handguard

Snap-on USGI-type replacement for your carbine’s factory-original handguard is made of tough, fiberglass-reinforced, injection-molded polymer that delivers superior impact and abrasion resistance. The ridged gripping surface and top/bottom vent holes retain the weapon’s authentic military look, while an internal heat shield of lightweight aluminum protects your hand from barrel heat. Skinny models have standard-issue single-layer heat shield on upper and lower handguard. Skinny M4 model has narrower diameter for operators who prefer a minimal bulk handguard. Fits AR-15/M16/M4 with carbine-length gas system.

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SPECS: Fiberglass-reinforced polymer, matte black. 6½” (16.5cm) long. Skinny – Approx. 2¼” O.D. at rear tapering to 2” (5.1cm) O.D. at front. Single heat shield only.


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Color: Black

Length: 6

Material: Polymer

Style: Smooth

Type: Drop-In

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