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A Modular Bolt Catch That Gives You Four Customizable Configurations

AR-15 bolt catches are one of those controls that most shooters just live with. Love 'em or hate 'em, it is what it is, and you just work around it. Until Strike Industries came along. This Strike Industries AR Modular Bolt Catch gives you the opportunity to find a configuration that works for you, and it's a fast and easy way to modify your rifle. You don't even have to mess with that pesky roll pin in your lower receiver to make this system work.

To make use of the Strike Industries AR Modular Bolt Catch, all you have to do is use the provided hex key to take out the set screw holding the current bolt catch in place. Once its loosened, just slide it off the base and put on the button you want. Four different buttons ship with this modular bolt catch, giving you options for Standard, Oversized, Left Extended and Right Extended. Each bolt catch provides a textured surface for easy use, and they're made from a lightweight, durable polymer mounted on a steel base.

Everything you need to install this Strike Industries AR Modular Bolt Catch is included in a complete kit, including the bolt-catch roll pin and spring.



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