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Easy Add-On - Shave Off Seconds

Looking to shave seconds off your AR reload time? Adding the Smith Tactics AR-15 Lightning Bolt Release is an easy add-on that automatically releases the bolt as soon as a full magazine is inserted into your rifle, shaving off the seconds required to slam the bolt release manually with a support hand.

The Smith Tactics AR-15 Lightning Bolt Release installs easily within a few minutes. All a user has to have on-hand is a hammer and punch. Company engineers have tested the release with nearly every magazine on the market, and it functions with everything from worn-out, surplus GI mags to top-of-the-line Lancer L5AWM magazines. The Lightning Bolt Release has a longer roll-pin that acts as an internal positive stop that improves repeatability. The magazine sear lever has a positive retaining finger that guards over the torsion spring.

The Smith Tactics AR-15 Lightning Bolt Release will not allow the bolt to close on an empty magazine, and the device does not prevent the gun from locking back on an empty magazine after firing the last round.


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