Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Extended release lever speeds magazine changes and enhances the shooter’s ability to clear jams, double feeds, and malfunctions quickly and safely. Lets you catch and release the bolt with the trigger finger inside the triggerguard, instead of with your off hand. Push upward on the lever to lock the bolt rearward; push lightly downward to release it. Both operations can be performed without removing your hand from the pistol grip. EBRv2/308 is the same low-profile, drop-in replacement for the factory release on all models of the DPMS LR-308 series of AR-style .308 rifles, as well as the Remington R-25 in .308, .243, and 7mm-08.

Not compatible with Armalite and DPMS Gen 2 style rifles

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SPECS: Machined steel, matte black finish. 2¼" (5.3cm) long. ½ oz. (14g) wt.


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