Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Acquire an A1 profile barrel at a fraction the cost of a new barrel assembly!  This BRN-PROTO® Blemished Barrel Assembly features a 1-12 twist, chrome lined, A1 profile barrel with barrel nut, handguard cap and front sight base installed.  The front sight base on these barrels have an incorrectly machined gas tube roll pin hole, which may require the front sight base to be replaced for proper fitment of the gas tube and function.  Replacement involves driving out the taper pin and replacing with a .625 diameter gas block or front sight base.  The barrel itself is in new condition and fully functional.  Barrels are magnetic particle inspected. Machined from 4150 chrome moly steel.


Discontinued by Brownells

Product has been discontinued and no longer available.