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Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Ensures Correct Alignment For Flash Hiders & Muzzle Brakes

Hardened steel shims ensure precise fit and correct alignment of flash suppressors, muzzle brakes, and compensators. Large (thick) shim allows 90° of rotation and can be used as a spacer for barrels not having a relief cut behind the threads. Medium shims add approximately 45° of rotation. Small shims used with large and medium shims provide smaller degrees of rotation for finely-tuned, critical alignment.

AR-15, Issue:11, Page:022
Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:031
Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:095

SPECS: Steel. Sold in 10 paks (1 small, 1 large, 8 medium). .223 - .748" O.D. Fits muzzles threaded ½"-28 tpi.


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Color: Unfinished

Material: Steel