Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Self-Lubricating Surface Promotes Smooth, Consistent Feeding

M4-type barrel extension has a self-lubricating EXO-treated Nickel Boron finish that aids in smooth, consistent feeding and helps prevent hang-ups. High-tech coating lasts the life of the weapon, and won’t rub off, flake off, or gall. Helps dissipate heat for cooler operation, too. Precision machined from 8620 steel to USGI specifications with integral M4-type feed ramps and predrilled locator pin hole.

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SPECS: 8620 carbon steel, EXO-treated Nickel Boron finish. .998" O.D., 1.168" shoulder O.D. .8125"-16UNF thread. Barrel locator pin required, available separately.


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Color: Nickel

Material: Steel