Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Uniflow-III Powder Measure is the most accurate Uniflow that RCBS has ever produced. The UPM-III throws consistently accurate charges reload after reload. The exacting tight tolerance allow powder to pour uniformly from the measuring cylinder and into a case, thereby eliminating the hazards of overloads caused by clogging when charges are dumped. The UPM-III changes easily from charge to charge of the same powder type without having to empty the powder hopper. The NG resistant anti-static hopper is large enough to hold 1lb of extruded powder or ½ pound of flake powder for extended reloading sessions. New on the UPM-III is the ability to use one metering cylinder and rotor for both rifle and pistol to throw charges from 0.5 grains to 95 grains.
Note: The UPM-III Powder Measure should be used in conjunction with an accurate powder scale for setting the original charge and for checking charges occasionally during the run.Not for use with Black Powder line.
-Machined reference surfaces for exacting tight tolerances- 0.5-95 grain capacity- 0.10 grain accuracy- NG Resistant, anti-static hopper- RCBS limited lifetime warranty.


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