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Ideal For Sandblasting Small Parts

Convenient, hand-held Shake & Blast Canister is ideal for sandblasting hard to hang on to parts such as screws, sight blades, and other small parts that always seem to get lost in the big sand blasting cabinet. Rigid steel screen contains holes small enough to hold parts as small as .0625" (.16cm) in diameter but allows blasting material to filter through without clogging. Screen is held firmly in place with two specially cut, ½" thick PVC caps. A third cap turns to lock in place and comes with a rubber “apron” to hold ½' to 1" blast nozzles and prevents “back blast” while you work.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:388
SPECS: Steel screen, PVC caps, 3⁄8" (13.6cm) long, 3" (7.6cm) wide. Inside dimensions: 4 ½” (10.8cm) long x 3” (7.6”cm) diameter.
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