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Two money saving kits that have everything needed to produce an attractive, jeweled finish on hammers, triggers, rifle bolts, etc. Select the kit that best meets your needs and save the time and cost of buying individual pieces. The Standard Kit contains two of our E/T Brush sets and a container of 120 grit silicon carbide abrasive; the Deluxe Kit adds our E/T Brush Holder Assembly that gives just the right amount of brush pressure against the work piece. Use the Standard Kit if you primarily work on flat surfaces. The Deluxe Kit produces a great finish on flat or curved surfaces. To get the best results, the kits should be used in a drill press. SPECS: Each kit contains twelve E/T brushes, 24 O-rings, two
4' lengths of heat shrink tubing, one 4 oz. container 120 grit
Silicon Carbide Abrasive, a 1 oz. bottle of Do-Drill and complete
instructions. The deluxe Kit adds the E/T Brush Holder.
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