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The LRI Action Wrench for Ruger® RPR / AR-15 is designed to aid you in fast, reliable, safe removal/installation of an AR-pattern rifle’s barrel nut. This wrench will eliminate the headaches of sheared-off pins, damaged barrel nuts, failed wrenches, and blood loss from the operator (namely, YOU).

The LRI Action Wrench for Ruger® RPR / AR-15 provides secure, non-slip 360-degree contact with the barrel nut - no way this wrench will slip off! A pinch bolt gently cinches the LRI Action Wrench to the barrel nut, eliminating offset loads that lead to slippage and damage to the barrel or its finish.

  • Fits standard AR-15 barrel nut, DPMS LR-308 & Ruger Precision Rifle®
  • 1/2" drive socket for use with standard torque wrench & breaker bar
  • Also works with a 5/8" six-sided drive
  • Smooth tool contours reduce wear and tear to gun parts & your hands
  • Tough, corrosion-resistant Parkerized finish

The LRI Action Wrench for Ruger® RPR / AR-15 is machined from billet steel - NOT A CASTING, so no risk of a hidden flaw or void in the metal leading to wrench breakage. This is one beast of a barrel nut wrench!

Brownells Gun Tech™ Tip: The LRI Action Wrench requires a little math to use. Torque wrenches are calibrated to the centerline of the square drive. The LRI tool is offset, so its torque values have to be recalculated to ensure the desired amount is actually applied to the fastener. There are a number of Internet tools to help you do this, including this one:

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