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Extend Oxynate No. 7 Solution Life Cleans Out Crud; You Get More Bluing Per Bath

Modern hot bluing solutions (such as Oxynate No. 7) are often replaced before their chemical activity is depleted because of accumulated crud in the tank. This crud includes depleted chemicals which are staying suspended in the bath, airborne dirt particles and the residue from inadequate cleaning/rinsing. Industry uses expensive and complicated filters to remove this crud. To use our Bluing Solution Cleaner, first add it to the cold bath, stir well as the bath heats, and then skim the bluing bath thoroughly when operating temperature is reached. Your bath will be returned to a clean, trouble-free operation. Plus, the cleaner stays in solution instead of being "used up", so the crud keeps right on coming to the top for easy skim-off. Keeps the bath clean and bluing, and greatly extends solution life… paying for itself many times over.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:392
SPECS: 1 pint (473ml) net contents in plastic bottle.
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