Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Using the Red Laser shooter to enhance the gun fitting procedure is the best way to ensure accurate gun fit. Simple to use it is put into the gun barrel ( any choke including screw in chokes) and a finger ring is placed on the trigger finger of the shooter. When the trigger is touched the laser is fired. The shooter can mount his gun as he would normally and then aim and fire at the supplied target. The results will be obvious to both the shooter and fitter without guessing and adjustments will be made to set up the shotgun stock or rib so that the shooter is aiming where the gun is pointing. This Laser shooting is similar to patterning the gun with live ammo and just as accurate. No gun fitter should be without the Red Laser Shooter to ensure that a fitting session ends with a satisfied customer.


  • Includes red lasershooter with inserts for four gauges
  • Inserts include 12ga, 20ga, 28ga, and 410
  • Laser is activated via trigger attachment, shooting when trigger is touched
  • Aluminum construction
  • Packaged in handy blue carrying case
  • Includes 3 lr44 batteries


  • Immediate feedback to the shooter as to where the shotgun is shooting
  • Allows for the shooter/gunsmith to quickly identify where adjustments need to be made
  • Allows for quick identification of barrel convergence on double barreled guns
  • Helps the shooter improve their aiming abilities
  • The 12ga. insert works for 10ga. and the 20ga. fits a 16ga.


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