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Ideal When Perfecting a 1911

If you're in the business of perfecting 1911 pistol sears or need a good way to fine-tune your own 1911's trigger, then the Harrison Design True Radius PRO Sear Jig is the answer to this perennial problem.

The unique design of the stoning jig is purpose-built to provide a true guide to the contact surface at the nose of the 1911 sear. The system features four radial segments around the circumference of the discs, ensuring that users can find one radial segment that best fits the sear nose they're working with.

The system is compatible with sear-nose lengths of .402-.405 inches and ensures that you'll remove a minimum amount of material during the stoning process. Each kit includes the jig itself, along with two sear pins and an instruction manual.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:153

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