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An Easy Way to Remove Your Glock Magazine Floorplate

Whether you're performing basic maintenance or looking to add on a baseplate or magazine extension, there are lots of reasons to get an OEM floorplate off your Glock pistol magazines. However, as those who've tried know, getting one off isn't all that easy. Enter the Brownells Floorplate Removal Tool for Glock.

Each Floorplate Removal Tool is constructed from durable, injection-molded Nylon and is cheap enough to have a few on-hand in your range bag, workshop or pistol safe. The tool is purpose-built to provide just the right amount of leverage to slide that floorplate off without marring your magazine.

The Floorplate Removal Tool for Glock will not work on G42 or G43 floorplates with the finger rest, but it's designed to work with all other Glock OEM magazine floorplates.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:487


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