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Prevents Over-Cutting Of Feed Ramp & Ruptured Cases

Easy-to-use tool acts like a Go/No Go gauge for the 1911 barrel ramp. Shows instantly if a barrel is throated too shallow or too deep. Makes it easy to get the angle just right when performing a reliability job, and also lets you quickly check questionable barrels that may lack sufficient case support. To use, just remove the barrel from the pistol, insert the rod into the barrel, and place the depth gauge with the .075" side in the chamber. Slide the rod until it contacts the gauge, tighten the stop collar, and remove the gauge. If the ramp is cut properly, the top edge of the ramp and the rod will line up. If the ramp edge is short of the rod, the ramp is too shallow, and if the ramp is too deep, it will be below the rod. Use the .090" side of the gauge to determine excessive ramp depth; any barrel with a ramp over .090" should be replaced.

1911, Issue:11, Page:058
Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:145

SPECS: Hardened steel, in the white. Fits barrels chambered for .45 ACP only. Instructions included.

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