Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Molds Form-Fit Bushings That Won't Mar The Metal

Convenient, easy-to-use kit allows the gunsmith to cast perfectly fitted, barrel vise bushings for hard-to-match barrel contours and sizes. Machined, aluminum block accepts barrels up to 1¾" in diameter. Brownells Steel Bed™ forms super-strength, precision-fit bushings that hold extra tight without scratching or marring the metal surface. Finished bushings fit Brownells Barrel Vise and Universal Clamping Block. Instructions included.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:453
Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:454
SPECS: Block - Aluminum. 3" (7.6cm) long, 3½" (8.8cm) wide, 2¼" (5.7cm) high, 1¾" (4.4cm) bore. Accepts barrels up to 1¾" diameter. Steel Bed - 1½ fl. oz. (44ml) resin, 1½ fl. oz. hardener, 7/8 fl. oz. (26ml) release agent, measuring spoon, mixing dish, (2) mixing sticks, brown and black dye paks, and (2) release agent applicators.


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