Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Cleaning, maintaining and changing parts on the bolt of your Remington bolt action rifle has never been easier. This case will store all the tools needed to remove the firing pin assembly, replace the firing pin assembly, remove and/or change ejectors and springs and otherwise maintain your Remington Bolt. This case features storage areas for our Remington Firing Pin Removal Tool (RFPT), Remington Ejector Compressor Tool (22-550), Remington Mainspring Tool (22-500) and our Remington Bolt Maintenance Bench Block (22-525). Store all these tools together in one convenient location and save the time and aggravation of searching your drawers and toolboxes. Purchase the Remington Bolt Maintenance Kit with all four tools and storage case and save $15.00 over buying each of the items separately.

**Image is shown with tools in the storage case for illustrative purposes only. Tools are not included.

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