Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Improve The Reliability, Ease Of Carry & Shooting Comfort/Control Of Your J-Frame

The Brownells DIY S&W J-Frame Revolver Upgrade Kit includes replacement parts to improve your revolver's grip, reliability, and ease of carry, plus the specialized tools needed to install those parts.

The Skyline Tool Works Clip Draw attaches to the side plate of the revolver and lets you clip the gun onto the waistband of your pants, so you can carry it securely without the bulk of a holster. Available in black (to match blued guns) it's made of special spring steel, and doesn't interfere with reloading or the feel of the gun's grip. The Brownells Pro Spring Kit for J-Frame contains three different rate-reduced power rebound springs and one reduced-power hammer spring. Installing lighter springs improves the trigger pull without compromising function. The Hogue Monogrip rubber grip slides onto the grip frame from the bottom, requiring no modifications of the firearm, to give you a better hold on the gun and less pain from recoil.

To help you install these items quickly and smoothly, we've included a Magna-Tip® driver handle with three custom bits to fit the side plate, strain, windage, and sight attaching screws. The Brownells S&W Rebound Slide Tool is a specially configured to make a tricky job easy: it fits around the frame pin to grab and compress the rebound slide spring. It fits all J, K, L and N frame Smith & Wesson revolvers, so you can use it for future projects.

To learn more about installing the Brownells DIY S&W J-Frame Revolver Upgrade Kit, please watch the accompanying installation video.

Download the Brownells DIY S&W J-Frame Revolver Upgrade Kit Instructions.

SPECS: Kit contains Clip Draw, Pro Spring Kit, Hogue Monogrip, Magna-Tip driver with 3 bits, S&W Rebound Slide Tool, and instructions.


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