Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

With Special Tools For Colts & Mausers

The 30 tools and bits in the Assembly/Disassembly Kit are basically the same as those in the Basic Starter Kit except that four highly specialized tools have been substituted, making the Kit better equipped for somewhat more advanced professional work. Our decision on the tools is based on the fact that once a person gets started doing some gunsmithing, they quickly discover they are being brought a wider variety of guns than they had anticipated and that certain, seemingly "normal", assembly and disassembly steps can be difficult without the right tools. (This Kit is of paramount value to anyone doing gun rebluing and general repair service.)

Colt handguns will be a part of your living. Whenever you disassemble either large or small frame revolvers, the ejector must be removed from the cylinder prior to polishing, bluing or servicing. The Colt Tool in the Kit makes this otherwise ticklish job quite simple. Plus, the tool makes it easier to remove or install tight 1911 Auto bushings.

The Bolt Extractor Pliers can only be appreciated by one who has fought the removal and installation of a stiff extractor on an Enfield, Springfield, Mauser or similar bolt . . . Especially when your hands are "gunsmith greasy". Comes with illustrated instructions showing how to use when taking them off or putting them on.

Magazine retaining caps on Ithaca 37's, Winchester Model 12's and similar, positively require the special Winchester Model 12 Wrench to remove. Well made and 100% guaranteed for quality and performance. Will handle the toughest. Then there is the little 7/64" Speed-Head (Ball End) Socket Wrench. The first time you encounter a scope ring (like on newer Redfields) with Allen head screws on the bottom side of the rings, you will praise this tool for the lifesaver it is.

Assembly/Disassembly Kit contains the following tools: No. 100 Parallel Pliers; 1" Nylon/Brass Hammer; No. 81 MAGNA-TIP® Screwdriver; Screwdriver Bits Nos. 1 - 2 - 6 - 00 - 10 - 20 and 30; Two sizes Instrument Screwdrivers; Main Spring Vise; MF134 India Stone; M-16 Brush; 1/8" x 6" Pin Punch; 5/32" x 6" Pin Punch; 1/16" Starter Punch; 3/32" Starter Punch; Brownells Replacement Pin-Punch Set; 2" Replacement Punch Assortment; Nylon/Brass Drift Pin Punch Set; Gunsmith Bench Knife; 8" No. 2 Cut Hand File; Sight Base File; Brownells Colt Pistol Wrench; Brownells Winchester Model 12 Wrench; Bolt Spring Extractor Pliers; Screw Check'r; 7/64" Speed-Hex (Ball-end) Wrench and Kit Box.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:421


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