Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Mr. Schippers says, 'I can teach anyone how to engrave in one week, but it will take a lifetime to learn what to engrave." This handbook is full of information on how to engrave and what to engrave.

Features 445 pages with over 1500 images. Includes information on what tools and equipment are needed, how to maintain those tools, how to cut, designing your engraving, plus features many guns with explainations on how and why they were engraved.

John Schippers was born in Michigan in 1939. He first started to hunt with a 20-gauge precussion single-barrel shotgun that a relative gave him at the age of twelve. This started a lifetime love of hunting and muzzleloading guns. He recalls, "They gave me that old junk gun thinking I would never be able to do anything with it. I fooled them. It ended up being the best gun I ever owned. I got more game with that old relic than any other gun I ever had." Mr. Schippers built his first gunstock in a high school wood shop in 1954 and never stopped building guns. He worked as a machinist and tool maker, then worked in the museum field for over 30 years as a specialist in restoration, conservation, and exhibition.

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Firearm: Universal

Skill Level: Amateur

Style: Gunsmithing