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An Enhanced Trigger for Your Weatherby Mark V Rifle

With a refined platform like the Weatherby Mark V, there's no reason not to make the trigger the best it can possibly be. The TriggerTech Weatherby Mark V Trigger is the best possible upgrade for your Mark V rifle. Available in Primary or Special configurations, you can choose the style of trigger that best fits your shooting preferences and style.

Each TriggerTech Weatherby Mark V Trigger is built using the company's trademarked Frictionless Release Technology. This means that there are no engagement surfaces that need to be polished or lubricated, and unlike triggers with engagement surfaces, this trigger design won't wear over time. The TriggerTech design stays consistent, providing a crisp, clean break that's repeatable over thousands of fired rounds.

Whether you choose a TriggerTech Primary or Special Trigger for your Weatherby Mark V rifle, you can have either a curved or flat shoe. The difference between Primary and Special triggers comes down to pull weight. In primary options, pull weight is adjustable from 1.5-4 pounds, while Special trigger can be adjusted from 1-3.5 pounds. Both triggers can have their pull weights adjusted in increments of one ounce, thanks to an externally accessible setscrew. These triggers are compatible with Weatherby Mark V rifles made from 1996 to the present.


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Style: Adjustable, Curved, Drop-In